17 January 2013


- A poem inspired by my daughter Zara's assignment regarding letter "Z" in her Pre-K class.

Z, z… what words come with z?
A zebra in a zoo and a chimpanzee,
A bee in stripes that goes buzz and buzz,
A little caterpillar covered with fuzz.
Dozen zigzags in a haze
Will leave you in a daze
Like you’re finding your way
Through some old, crazy maze.
How about a wizard,
Hair all in a frizz,
Who’d grant you three wishes
And may make you a wiz.
Ah! Wouldn’t it be grand
If we all were wiz-es,
Then we’d never get a “0”
And we’d ace all our quizzes!
What else? What else?
What other words to seize?
Oooo, I’m scared of those movies
With rabid zombies!
Think happy thoughts,
Think fat cows that graze!
Think of all the beauty,
All the wonders that amaze!
Now that’s better.
Ah, my mind’s in a waltz—
1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3!
Z-words out of vaults!
Czars in Rome,
Tzars in Russia,
Viziers and sultans
Of lost empires in Asia.
Glitz and glamour,
Razzle-dazzle of wealth.
Me? I’m just happy with cookies
Made of raisins and spelt.
Bazaars in Zaire,
Zouks in Arabia.
Chinese have spring rolls,
Japanese have gyoza.
How about a kazoo
To add more pizzazz
To the old saxophone
Playing some jazz?
Canned drinks that fizz
Are not good to freeze,
Better to enjoy them
On a beach with the breeze.
Dances at the plaza,
Songs in mezzo soprano.
Pizza mozzarella,
Soup of orzo and matzo.
Zip all the zippers
But never play with razors.
And kids of all sizes
Can all be stargazers!
Geez! So many, many words
That come with z,
Thinking about them
Made me dizzy and sneeze-y.
I haven’t thought all the words
But I’ll zoom now to my bed,
Fluff up my pillow,
Rest my weary head.
Before I doze off,
Get zapped to dream zone,
I’ll turn on this gizmo
To wake my snooze with trombone.
A full dose of zzz’s
And to wake up with zest!
Oh, yes—my name starts with Z
And that is not a jest.

07 June 2011

The Pet Request

- Two mornings ago, my daughter Zara was watching TV then all of a sudden, she piped excitedly and urgently, "I want a penguin! I want a penguin!" I found it hilarious and cute. A moment after her words were out, this poem materialized and just had to be written. :)

I want a penguin, Mommy.
No ordinary pet would do.
I want no playful kittens.
No friendly puppies for me, too.

I want a penguin, Mommy.
I just know it's the one.
I'm sure that it is special.
It would be so much fun!

I know from watching TV
That it's such a funny bird,
It can walk and swim just everywhere,
But cannot fly I heard.

Oh, that is fine 'cause  I do wish
For extraordinary;
A bird which cannot fly
Is perfectly contrary.

Since it walks for miles and miles,
I'd take it to the park.
We'd walk and skip and hop and jump
Until the sky turns dark.

And since it swims instead of fly,
I'd take it to the pool.
We'd dive and somersault around
Until the night wind's cool.

Oh, I forgot one tiny thing:
At home we don't have snow.
So, I'll make its bed inside your fridge,
A heap of ice cubes for pillow.

So you see, I got it figured out---
Please, won't you say yes?
Would you write to the TV now
To send one to our address?

13 December 2010

Sleep Now

- A little, unadorned melody has lost its way to my head accompanied by the first two lines of this poem, and has been bugging me for days. It grew its words, bit by bit, in my head. And a few moments back, it just arranged itself, quietly and easily, into this simple lullabye. For my little Zara who is made uncomfortable right now by the bugger flu. Have a nice sleep, baby, and get well soon.xoxo

Sleep now, my little love,
The moon is shining up above
And all the pretty, twinkling stars
Are singing sleep-songs on their guitars.

Sleep now, my little babe,
The nighttime surf sings, every wave,
A hundred mellow lullabies
Till all the seashells close their eyes.

Sleep now, my little sweet,
The gentle night-wind hums a treat,
A slow refrain from far away,
Its last, cool, sad note wakes up the day.

30 November 2010

I Love Sunshine in the Mornings

I love sunshine in the mornings,
It really makes my day.
Sunshine makes me warm and happy,
And it feels great to play.

I love sunshine in the mornings
'Cause everything looks bright.
I don't get any scary thoughts,
Everything looks just right.

I love sunshine in the mornings,
It promises great fun.
I can think of great adventures
Under the morning sun.

I love sunshine in the mornings
For all it makes me feel.
But before all the fun begins,
Mommy, where is my meal?

28 November 2010

The Rain Came Dancing Today

Oh, the rain came dancing today.
Drippy-drop, drippy-drop, drippy-drippy-drop.
It danced in its misty, watery, silver gown.
For hours it just wouldn't stop.

Its fingers drummed on my windows.
Pitty-pat, pitty-pat, pitty-pitty-pat.
At first so gently, then it became a frenzy,
It even scared the bully cat!

Its feet tap-danced on the pavement,
Tippy-tap, tippy-tap, tippy-tippy-tap,
Louder and louder till it made rippling puddles
Like islands scattered on a map.

It swayed to the windy rhythms.
Swishy-swoosh, swishy-swoosh, swishy-swishy-swoosh.
Around and around it sprayed its silver droplets,
Drenching all the trees and a bush.

Yes, the rain came dancing today
With the boom-boom-booming thunders at the drums.
It was so much fun to watch it from my window,
How come everyone else looks glum?

15 November 2010

Tiny, Grey Spider

There is this tiny, grey spider,
A really small one like a dot,
Who likes to take his morning walks
On the wall behind the flower pot.

Sometimes he feels just so lazy,
Yes, he just sits there for the sun.
Sometimes he's full of energy,
His tiny, eight legs can surely run.

He sets his mind to walk some miles
To the far end of the ceiling.
Before I know it, he's reached there,
He's smiling smugly and he's waving.

Sometimes he sits so close to me,
So I poke him with my finger.
He gets so mad and hops about
Then, crossly hides behind the freezer.

Oh, he's one dot of adventure,
He loves extreme sports on his thread.
I've seen him done some rappelling
On the purple curtain near my bed.

Sometimes he goes more crazy still
And does rounds of bungee-jumping.
Sometimes he swings on the windows
Like a nimble acrobat flying.

I always feel great and happy
To see this spider on the wall.
I know the day'd be exciting,
He is really fun though he is small.

09 November 2010

The Train

The train is coming, Mommy.
From where did it come?
From the cool, green forest
Where small birds always hum?

From the laughing silver surf
Chasing pretty shells?
Or, the grassy meadows
With dancing yellowbells?

The train is going, Mommy.
Where next will it go?
To the tall, blue mountains
Standing guard in a row?

To the chattering river
Running with delight?
Or, just in the city
With twinkling lights at night?